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A TTT Wedding - MangaMinx x KrismPro by xaq10r
A TTT Wedding - MangaMinx x KrismPro
I recently became a fan of the LPer "MangaMinx," and while watching a video where she and another LPer, KrismPro, were playing together, my brain just completely went and shipped which point I found out they were already engaged.

To celebrate the two of them getting married today, I put together an image based on the "Trouble in Terrorist Town" mode for Garry's Mod.

You may now kiss the bride...and the rest of you may kiss your asses goodbye. ***BOOM!***
The Hato Parable - A Hatoful Boyfriend Fangame by xaq10r
The Hato Parable - A Hatoful Boyfriend Fangame

This is a story about a girl named Hiyoko Tohsaka.

(Actually, it's the title screen of a game that tells that story...)

What was supposed to be a typical school day takes an odd turn, into a tale of mystery, intrigue, and weirdness.

WARNING: THIS GAME CONTAINS MASSIVE HATOFUL BOYFRIEND SPOILERS. If you have not played through the entirety of the BBL/Bad Boy’s Love route of the game, do not play The Hato Parable yet.

(Also very minor Stanley Parable spoilers, as it was an inspirational force behind this game)

Download the PC version

Download the Mac version


Hatoful Boyfriend (c) HatoMoa

Willexia Art Project - Update v.1 by xaq10r
Willexia Art Project - Update v.1
Whenever I need to relax, one of my favorite things to do is go back and work on this ever-evolving portrait of my avatar, Willexia Rennar. A shading touch-up here, some color there...little by little it takes on a new form each time I work on it. It started out entirely as a hand-drawn image, but more and more the computer-drawn layers are adding to it.

One noticeable change that occurred was the removal of the choker. It's since been replaced by a pendant, a Nanoha-style magical device known as "Falchion." Her bra's been changed to a halter-style one, and now her arm-length gloves and boots are on as well.

Eagle-eyed folks might notice a spot of black peeking out from atop her stockings. That's not a of the biggest changes that you can't really see here is that I've augmented the file to be able to show her both in a fully-natural body, and with her canonical prosthetic devices; both of her legs and her left arm are missing from the knee/elbow down. That bit of black is part of the brace that holds it in place.

Oh, and now the wall has color and there's a degree of shading so that it no longer looks quite so flat.

Willexia Rennar (c) xaq10r


Will Rennar
ALIAS: Team Hatoful member Xaq.
Sporadic sketcher. Stuff comes up here from time to time.

Current Residence: -=CLASSIFIED=-
Favourite genre of music: Basically everything.
Favourite style of art: See music, with preference to CG anime.
Operating System: Mac OSX Leopard
MP3 player of choice: iPod Touch
Wallpaper of choice: None; my walls are painted, thank you!

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CynderMizuki Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2013
I did not know you had a DA
Agent-G245 Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2012  Student General Artist
If you're wondering why I chose to mix portal 1 with Sub_3, it's because I have this knack for drawing parallels in lots of stuff. There will be a mod that mixes MYST with Half-Life 2 as well, and my YouTube channel has a lot of music videos made the same way. [link]

And a video of two maps for the portal mod. [link]
keichishoshuko Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks kindly for the fav :D
pdRydia Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2009

Whatchoo up to these days, Willzaq? You still in the area?
xaq10r Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2009
Not even close...last year, after my enlistment finally ended, I moved back in with my folks to help them around the house, including building a new one.

Said houses are in Nome, AK. "Middle of nowhere" doesn't even describe how remote this place is. The nearest -stop light- is a 2-hour plane flight away, fercryinoutloud. :[

I'll admit, there's a lot of things about this place up here that I absolutely love, but there's more than a few days where I wouldn't mind being back in the DC area. I really liked it there.
pdRydia Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2009
Bah. D: At least you're alive and well--that's always good to know.

Let us know if you plan on attending any cons--maybe we can meet up!
xaq10r Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2009
If I'm ever able to get to another con, I'll definitely try. :]
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nyuuraku Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2005
Thanks for the fav =)
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