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Dark Arts Duel School Disks - Duel Mode by xaq10r
Dark Arts Duel School Disks - Duel Mode
As I mentioned before, one notable feature of the Dark Arts-style Duel Disk is that it is ambidextrous; the user can wear it on either arm without trouble. The deck holder will pivot out towards the wearer on either side, and the blade will form opposite it.

Yu-Gi-Oh! (c) Kazuki Takahashi, Konami, et al
Solid Vision Outfit #999 - DADS Uniform by xaq10r
Solid Vision Outfit #999 - DADS Uniform
I'd always had something miko-inspired in mind for the school uniform of the Dark Arts Duel School, so I let my brain go into free-flow mode and put the concept on paper. While drawing it, I decided I hadn't done any artwork of Yuri's classmate and dueling partner, Natsumi Tenshiko, and two birds got knocked out with one stone.

(The lack of drawings I'd done of her really hit home while I was coloring the pic in; I realized I'd never actually picked a color for her hair or eyes!)

In any case, as with more canonical YGO duel schools, the Dark Arts students' uniforms are differentiated by color, with the haori (the top part of the uniform) being colored to match the coloration of the blade of their Duel Disk. Initiates wear a soft yellow haori, Neophytes wear slate blue, and the Ritemasters wear scarlet red. Yes, I know this goes outside the GX Slifer/Ra/Obelisk color ranking, but I would point out that this isn't the GX Academy...or even canon for that matter. :b

One part of the uniform that isn't standard is the MSVG device around her torso - the Micro Solid-Vision Generator is producing a "Solid Vision Outfit," a physical replication, of her uniform. Like Yuri, the ace of her deck, a reward for achieving the rank of Ritemaster, isn't summoned to her side of the field; using the MSVG in conjunction with her Duel Disk, she transforms into it in a magical girl-style process and enters the battle personally.
Dark Arts Duel School Disks - Standby Mode by xaq10r
Dark Arts Duel School Disks - Standby Mode
As I mentioned when I showed the Neophyte class' Duel Disk earlier, the students of the Dark Arts Duel School are divided into three tiers, noted by the color of their Disk.

Initiates use a wooden-colored Disk with a yellow arm blade, embodying their expected growth and potential. Those who prove themselves worthy of being promoted to the Neophyte class are given the metallic blue disk, a symbol of their iron-clad spirit and well-tempered skill. Most who graduate from the Duel School attain this rank.

There are some who make their mark and achieve the school's ultimate glory, however. The aces of the student body, the Ritemasters, utilize an ivory-colored disk with a red touchscreen jewel and arm blade, marking them far and away in a class of their own.

Yu-Gi-Oh! (c) Kazuki Takahashi, Konami, et al

(EDIT: Altered the blade coloration on the Ritemasters' Duel Disk to match the coloration of the original designs.)
Dark Arts Duel School Disk - Neophyte by xaq10r
Dark Arts Duel School Disk - Neophyte
This is the style of Duel Disk that Yuri, Natsumi, and other students of the Dark Arts Duel School use. The Disk's appearance, reminiscent of a ceremonial dagger, is meant to give an "occult" vibe in line with the school's focus on Ritual Summoning. It comes in 3 standard colorations, with this being the one given to Neophytes, second-level students.

The deck holder, seen at the lower left of the Disk, can pivot out in either direction, with the arm blade being generated opposite it. This allows them to be used ambidextrously (a feature I, as a southpaw, find sorely lacking in normal Duel Disks). The slots on either side of the spike act as the Graveyard and Spell/Trap slots, while the slot in the middle holds the Extra Deck. The blue, circular crystal is the touchscreen display.

The overall unit is 20.3 inches in length.

Yu-Gi-Oh! (c) Kazuki Takahashi, Konami, et al
GISHIKI SHOUKAN! - Soul-Gorger Karagov by xaq10r
GISHIKI SHOUKAN! - Soul-Gorger Karagov
A few years back I wrote a bit of Yu-Gi-Oh fanfiction based in the GX era, centered on an OC named Yuri Asakura. In it, she ended the Duel by Ritual Summoning a creature called "Soul-Gorger Karagov."

Recently I've been dabbling in some ARC-V based fan-ness, and I decided there was no better way to get into that than to revamp the characters from that GX fic and bring them into the modern age. It's almost impossible to see here, but I've redone Yuri's look a fair bit; originally she had pink hair, but since I basically took that look and gave it to my avator, Willexia, I gave her a new, teal hairstyle.

I also revamped the cards I designed for her back then to match the modern era, mixing the old and the new in the form of the "Ritemaster's Servant" Ritual/Pendulum Monsters. The two Pendulum Monsters, "Ritemaster's Guardian - Valkyran Katern" (with the spear) and "Ritemaster's Guardian - Valkyran Aeth" (with the sword), were modeled off of Timegazer and Stargazer Magician: While they're out, they crank their Scale range from 4-4 all the way out to 0-9 (at the expense of only being able to Pendulum Summon "Ritemaster" monsters, and protect "Ritemaster" monsters from Spell and Trap effects during battle.

The focal point of this pic, though, is quite clearly the mildly-revamped "Ritemaster's Servant - Soul-Gorger Karagov," at last making a long-overdue appearance. He's still banishing stuff from the Graveyard, still roasting opponents with is "Soul-Burning Hellfire" attack...but now getting rid of him is a bit of an issue, because should he be destroyed, he'll simply go to the Extra Deck, ready for Aeth and Katern to open the Gates of the Underworld for his return.

Oh, and as for Yuri's other ace from that fic, "The Dark Ritemaster?" That's been revamped as a Pendulum Monster as well...and she still transforms into it, talents I've also passed on to her friend Natsumi. Note to self: Scan or take photos of notebook sketches of them in Ritemaster form.

All that BS I did in the GX-era fic just seems to fit infinitely better in the ARC-V era, what can I say?

Yu-Gi-Oh! (c) Kazuki Takahashi, Konami, et al
Yuri Asakura, Aeth, Katern, Karagov, et al (c) me


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